No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose

NSP 47: New Horizons With Richard Ha

January 29, 2018 Season 2 Episode 47
No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose
NSP 47: New Horizons With Richard Ha
No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose
NSP 47: New Horizons With Richard Ha
Jan 29, 2018 Season 2 Episode 47
Jay & Titus
Reaching for new horizons with renewal energy, space exploration and the Aloha Spirit with Richard Ha.
Show Notes
Richard Ha is the president of Hamakua Springs, sits on the committee in charge of the 30 Meter Telescope and CEO of one of the first cannabis dispensaries on the island of Hawaii Lau Ola. Richard Ha is interested in the nexus of agriculture and energy, and finding solutions to the Big Island’s rising energy costs in a way that helps the “rubbah slippah folks” and everyone else.

It won’t be the biggest and the strongest who do best in these challenging times of rising prices, Richard says, but those who adapt to change. There are solutions that mean our children and grandchildren will not only be able to afford to stay in Hawai’i nei, but thrive. He blogs about how we can work together to make those changes happen.

We had the humbling opportunity to interview the man on the forefront of developing renewal energy projects to Hawaii and also being part of a major step in space exploration with the 30 Meter Telescope project on the summit of Mauna Kea. We even talk about artificial intelligence, his experience in the army and protecting his land with cows. Very interesting stuff. Thanks for listening!

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