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NSP 40: Mike Dejesus - Head Chef Of Nobu Manila
October 17, 2017 Jay & Titus
OH SNAP! This is episode 40, cheeeeehooooo! Thanks so much for all your continued support and tuning in to all of our shows we THANK YOU NoShamers! We got a appetizing episode for you today...with head chef of Nobu Manila Mike Dejesus. We go into detail of his journey to becoming a head chef--he wanted to become an aerospace engineer but his path took him to his real passion which was cooking. It is an incredible journey of grit, determination and persistence.

Not to mention we go into some nitty-gritty food stuff like crazy ingredients, being a private chef for the the Fertitta Family (former owners of UFC), and becoming a vegan just to get a taste of how it is. All these topics and more. Trust me by the time you get done with this one you'll be starving best get your grub on while listening to it. Bon Appetit again!

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