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NSP 32: Experts Geoff Sato & Dr. O'Carroll - Floating Benefits, Neurological, Physiological, and Meta-Physical. Float-Tent? Being Fed Consciousness! Medically Prescribed Treatment Prediction? Pandora Light & Floating. Best Experiences. Vice.
September 11, 2017 Jay & Titus
This one is the special one! Just for all of you, the noshamers out there. You already know that we are huge proponents of floating, well in this episode we have a panel of experts that gives their perspective from a metaphysical and medical standpoint. Some of you may know that a very informative article on floating featuring our own--Titus Nakagawa--was published on which focuses on his personal testimony of using floating to overcome depression and anxiety. Very great piece written by Dr. Darragh O'Carroll, he is on the panel of experts in this episode.

We go deeper into our own personal experiences on floating and it's beneficial affects. We also have the guru himself Mr. Geoff Sato, owner/operator and one of the sponsors of this podcast as an expert panelist as well. If you have an inkling of curiosity to try floating then we hope this episode will add to the curiosity for you to take action and actually go do it. We even talk about how you can get your hands on a float tent Zen Float Co, inexpensive and highly recommended investment for your overall well-being. "We think every one in this world should try floating at least once in their life."

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