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No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose
NSP 24: The Return Of FOOTBALL, Sports Talk Podcast, The Warriors, Shoe Heads, Philippines & Homework
August 04, 2017 Jay & Titus
Whoa! Is Titus getting back into football from a year long hiatus!? Oh yeah baby he's back and we talk all sports! Happy Birthday Mr. Tom Brady--THE GOAT! He's turning 40 and still an go for another 5 years! Titus breaks down his football fantasy tips and strategies and I get into the history of shoes with Imelda Marcos.

You're like what Imelda Marcos--transitions into the shoes, you know Mrs. Marcos and her shoe collection and shoe heads. Anyway, just listen and you'll understand. But who's ready for football to start though? We also add a little homework for all you positive people out there, it might change your life--no it will change your life. Enjoy!

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