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No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose
NSP 21: The Book Of Now By Eckhart Tolle, Titus Learns Through Music & Jay Becomes More Zen
July 27, 2017 Jay & Titus
Let's talk more story shall we. Titus and I are just two guys talking story and asking each other what we've been up to these days. Nothing scripted, nothing preplanned just regular conversations to share with the world. Titus want's to learn how to play the slack guitar, I get more Zen and we both love music. The book I discuss about in this episode is powerful--even explains how women can control their feelings when they're going through their monthly cycle, it's fascinating.

Besides the conversation we have we'd also just want to take a minute to truly thank all of our listeners, followers and sponsors. We really do appreciate your support. We love that we can provide you with some positivity, motivation and laughter in your life. We love you all!

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