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No Shame Podcast: Passion | Positivity | Purpose
NSP 20: Titus The Iron Bartender, Craft Cocktails, Mixology, Bartending, Pidgin Language
July 26, 2017 Jay & Titus
You should really just get your favorite cocktail or beer, or wine--sit and chill and listen to this short in-between-isode. Titus and I go way back into our bartending heydays and talk about making that perfect craft cocktail. Titus also dives into his bartending competition accolades--many actually he was the SHIT! Shiso Ume Gin cocktail--let that sink in a little and savor that taste in your tastebuds.

It was a long time ago but we have fond memories when it comes to slanging drinks. Good times for sure and for all you service industry folks, you know what we're talking about. Take a listen and go back into time with us. Enjoy!

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