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NSP 17 - Dr. Charleston Cone: How A Hospice Doctor Deals With Stress, Cycling, Nutrition Secrets And Spirituality
July 13, 2017 Jay & Titus
This episode is pretty intense when it came to the spirituality part, mainly because I (Jay) had a recollection of my dad as you will hear in the episode. We talk deeply of things that happen for reason even when we can't explain it. Dr. Charleston Cone gives us his secrets for handling stress, traveling abroad to get away, and the simple words of wisdom from his mother that he still 'til this day practices. Shoutout to all the moms bestowing the timeless wisdom to their kids---we love you!

The good doctor also expresses his love for cycling, staying healthy, eating apples and even realizing at a young age how intuitive he was with feeling people's energies. He chronologically recalls his path to hospice care and gets real about almost becoming a minor league pitcher. We appreciate his honesty and perspective on life so please take a listen and enjoy our awesome conversation with Dr. Charleston Cone.

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