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NSP 16: Kalapana - Land Of The Lava Fields, Respecting The Aina, Offerings To Pele, New Land Breeds New Life
June 27, 2017 Jay & Titus
Titus takes us on an adventure story to Kalapana, a place of the lava fields and the goddess Pele. He tells of his journey and realization of how that magical place has changed since he's lived there. He speaks of the reasons he gives offerings to the Hawaiian gods and why he chooses specific items to offer. He also tells me what he thinks about tourism and it's affect on the place.

The island of Hawaii has changed much with more and more people visiting from all over the world. People get to witness the beauty and nature of the aina but sometimes forget that they have to respect the aina (land). We speak about respect for the land in this episode and we hope that message carries far and wide to everyone and wherever you my travel. Respect the aina.

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