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NSP 8: The Poké Rant! A True Transgression - Thai Pizza Comparison, 4 Ingredients and a Bodega is All You Need, It's the Ratios that make Pok "A" not Pok "E"
June 20, 2017 Jay & Titus
So Titus and I go on a short rant about good Poke in this in-between-isode. Not pok"EEE"--but POK letter "A". Living in the bay area I haven't found good poke yet (still searching) and I expressed my disappointment to Titus. Now when you look around the bay area there are just so many Poke spots popping up, there's even a poke burrito!

Not hating on all the poke spots whatsoever but we just want to express how WE know poke to taste like. We just hope that the new poke craze nationwide doesn't dilute what it really is suppose to taste like. We apologize hipsters, we don't normally speak negatively but there is an INJUSTICE happening to good tuna everywhere.
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