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NSP 5: Black Sand Glass Artist Joel D Corley - Following Your Calling, Glass Blowing = Art, & Living Off The Grid
June 10, 2017 Jay & Titus
A "Bong" is not just a "Tobacco Waterpipe" it is the definition of expressive art and an obsessive dedication to one of his passions.

Titus had a great conversation with Joel Corley of Black Sand Glass (@blacksandglass) and founder of House of Fire Art Studio in a secret location in the beautiful Kalapana, HI. Besides getting quite "medicated" they talk about a plethora of topics from terpine preservation, to CBD distribution, keeping up with glass trends and turning inspiration into functional art.

It takes true skill and an artistic touch to manipulate glass with high heat, understanding aerodynamics and hydrodynamics to create beautiful rigs that are incredible functional art pieces as well.

Joel tells Titus how the name Black Sand Glass was created and how the "aina" (the land) where Joel lives, was the inspiration behind it. Please enjoy the conversation.
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