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NSP 3: Ground Zero at the North Dakota Access Pipeline
June 07, 2017 Crystal Evans
Standing Rock First Hand Witness!

This is an in-between-isode with Crystal Evans, founder and owner of Hiking Hawaii Cafe. Not only is she a successful Hawaii business owner, she is also an just awesome, compassionate human being!

When she heard about DAPL she was compelled to help out, not monetarily but actually traveling to North Dakota from Hawaii to physically help those Native Americans fight for water, protecting the land and standing for their rights. The stories Crystal shares may anger and make you feel enraged---which was what happened to Titus and I but we keep it positive. We focus on what is important which is standing for whats right and helping those standing for a good cause.

Stay tuned for the longer conversation where we discuss her hiking business--her passion, her hippy upbringing, and having the sixth sense on choosing her employees. Crystal also talks about her brand new re-opening of her cafe and much, much more.
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